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We have recently doubled our Text Link Ad earnings since our last post regarding TLA.

If you have been following our progress with various 3rd party ad networks you will likely be familiar with our last post regarding TLA. As mentioned in the previous article; when compared to a similar Adsense link unit, the TLA link units seriously outperforms the Adsense units.

November TLA earnings:

December's projected earnings:

So, in a matter of a few months we have doubled our TLA earnings. We believe this increase is simply due to updated site descriptions. You see, when we first set up our account out TLA we wrote our site descriptions as if we were writing a normal site description. We failed to write the descriptions specifically for the only folks who will actually read it...the advertisers. We made a few changes to our descriptions including other information the advertiser might be interested in, such as the location of the ad placement (above the fold etc...)

I am hoping that this rate of progress continues into the new year and we can reach our original TLA goal of $400 monthly.

Last post on TLA:

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