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We here at the Essential Reader we are big fans of reading. We realize the power of information and we would like to encourage others to read a book! We often times will write small reviews on some of the books we read. Today we are releasing three new book reviews.

Tragedy and Hope
by Carroll Quigley.

If you are interested in political science and the powerful influence the economic power structures have over the worlds political scene, then this book is a must read. Written by Georgetown University's history professor, this book has influenced many of our modern political and economic leaders. If you want to understand where our world is headed you need to understand the mindset of our leaders. If you want to understand the mindset of our leaders, then read what they do!

Web of Debt
by Ellen Brown.

Did you realize that our currency IS our debt? Are you concerned about our economic situation? How did this happen? What is fundamentally wrong with our system that would allow for such 'busts'? Did you know that if we all paid off our debts, there would be no money left in circulation, and we still owe them interest! Truly, we are trapped in a Web of Debt. I have read a few books on our monetary system and this one is by far the best at explaining the multi-layered complexities in easy-to-understand English. If you are curious as to why America has a central bank and how this has created an entire monetary system built on debt then you must read Web of Debt.

Paradise Lost
by John Milton.

Paradise Lost is a theological classic! Written in the 1600's, this publication has been read by every major theologian in the past 300 years. If you love reading about Biblical matters then this book is an absolute must read!

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