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If you spend much time on the Internet you will see a number of good sites built by regular people. The type of websites one can build is endless, from content or information sites to just a simple homepage. Maybe you sell a product or service,that's great, but most of us don't. So what's my point?

You can get targeted traffic and make money off your websites for no cost!

How? There are a couple of things to consider:

1) You need to build the site with search engines (SEO) in mind.
2) You need to get your site listed on search engines such as MSN, Google and Yahoo.
3) You can now start to monetize by signing up with Google adsense.

How does Google adsense work? Companies pay Google to display their advertisements. Google in turn will pay you a portion of their earnings to display these (mostly relevant) ads on your sites.

Don't publish's pointless!

In an effort to make a quick buck many folks have made crappy websites with little appeal and loaded them down with ads. Please don't do this! Not only will you not really see any profit, you will just annoy people. Make sure your content is complete and interesting to others (not just about you or your pet!). Another thing to avoid is making sites that are about everything. Try to keep each site focused on a particular topic, example:

If your main website is then you can build a section about javascripts at and so on.

Create different ad units at Google for each domain and set up the proper channels to differentiate the ads on each sub domain. This is useful for many reasons but one in particular is Google will search your domains to see what content they contain and will try to match the ads available to the content on your site. So if your site is about "javascripts" then it should display ads related to Javascript, programming etc...

Don't quit your day job!

Yes you can make a few bucks through Google adsense but if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme then look elsewhere. It takes time and work to get things rolling, but once it is you'll be sure to enjoy receiving your monthly Google check :)

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