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UPDATE: As of March 25th the Bidvertiser ads have not generated 1/100 of of what the Google ads have. I know it's too early to tell but I really don't think Bidvertiser is a good of service as Google Adsense is.

Like many webdesigners who have ventured into the world of Google Adsense, I have begun to look for alternatives. Why? Let's face it, it's never a good idea to put all your ads in one basket ;)

What's wrong with Google Adsense?

Nothing! But many webmasters have reported some disturbing actions on the part of Google. For instance, Google has removed many accounts for actions which are beyond the control of the webmaster, such as third parties (competition) using robots to click the Adsense links multiple times and red flagging the innocent webmasters domain.

But, this post isn't about bashing the guys and gals at Google, even if their actions should be a concern for all members of the Google Adwords/Adsense programs. This post is about viable alternatives.

Viable alternatives.

When thinking about alternative sources of income it is easy for a small site owner to get discouraged. Many places don't want to do business with you if you're not already a major player on the scene. But we're here to help you out...hold you're hand if you will. Now, below are some recommended sites for anyone to get started publishing ads:

1) Bidvertiser

2) Text Link Ads (InLinks)

If you know of any other viable Adsense alternatives please drop a comment and link (affiliate link ok).


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