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Too many times we get a call from someone asking about a virus problem! Most of the time these problems can be avoided pretty easily.

One of the first steps I would recommend is to NOT run your computer as Administrator! I can't tell you how many times I have removed viruses from computers in which the owner was running the machine as admin (the Windows default set up). When you run your computer as administrator ANY code you run will run with administrative privileges i.e. It can do anything it wants!

Now, If you are running your computer as a limited user, the bad code can only infect/damage your files...not the system files. So, not running your computer as admin is step one!

Step two is to have AV (AntiVirus) software running locally on your machine. Many times people will rely on the email servers AV to protect them. For instance, they use a Yahoo email account and Yahoo scans email attachments. So if the Yahoo scan says its no threat, they will open it anyway.

We will attempt to show you some basic virus writing tactics in order to help you better protect yourself. We will be using some older viruses we wrote ourselves using VBS. These are 5 years old now and should be of no harm to any modern patched computer.

These example viruses are located here:

Sample virus code

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