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Free Web Hosting Program

Posted by Anonymous | 9:05 AM | code , hosting | 0 comments »

Would you like to run your own server and offer web hosting to your friends? If so this program might help you out.....

When I was in college studying computer science I took a Linux course. Towards the end of the course we were given the option to come up with an extra credit project. I decided to build my own web hosting service.

What this code does: It allows people to log into your server via SSH and set up a personal account. The program will automatically check their requested username against all existing system usernames and set up their web space for them. Once they have placed their web documents on the server, their content is available over the web. For instance, if your website is and your friend creates the account "foobar", then their webpage will be located at

The professor asked me if I could add some MySQL functionality, so I added some SQL code. It is pretty basic and leaves a lot of room for you to grow and customize your visitors experience.

What you need to run program: Linux computer (or Windows with cygwin might work), Apache web server, SSH service running. If you want to save data to a database, you will also need to set up the MySQL program.

What this program needs: A web interface! I was going to build a PHP doc to handle the basic commands from a web interface, but hey, it was only an extra credit project! If you build a web interface for this I would really love to see it!

If this sounds like an interesting project to mess around with, you can get it here.

Take it easy,

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